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Dear All,

This is starting in just a few minutes.



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> *TL;DR: **Pigasus Developer's Meeting, 4/7, 1:30PM Eastern Time*
> <https://calendar.google.com/event?action=TEMPLATE&tmeid=MnZtc2Nvc2R1aGRrdTN2ZGxzMW4wOWVuNmdfMjAyMjA0MDdUMTczMDAwWiBqdXN0aW5lc0BhbmRyZXcuY211LmVkdQ&tmsrc=justines%40andrew.cmu.edu>*
> *ZOOM LINK: here
> <https://www.google.com/url?q=https://cmu.zoom.us/j/97675660928?pwd%3DM0hYTTJYbWNzV1dKa0pWSHdnZ09Cdz09&sa=D&source=calendar&ust=1649173219750322&usg=AOvVaw3Woik47vYWLc7Yt-mSSdif> *
> *AGENDA: here
> <https://github.com/crossroadsfpga/pigasus/wiki/Pigasus-Developers-Meeting> *
> <https://justinesherry.com/mailman/listinfo/pigasus_crossroadsfpga.org>
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> *Agenda*
> Welcome
> Brief Updates (2-3 minutes per project, at most one slide but preferably
> none)
> Randy Chow, U Toronto, on the Galapagos Project
> Abstract:
> *In our world of networks and data centers, there is a greater focus on
> using Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and Intrusion Detection and
> Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS). VNFs are usually implemented as software
> functions, but with the progression of technology, the high performance and
> low latency of FPGAs make them more suitable for VNF implementations.
> IDS/IPS are among the most demanding stateful network functions as network
> operators are challenged with securing 100Gbps networks with 100K+
> concurrent connections by deploying IDS/IPSes to search for 10K+ rules
> concurrently. In modern computing, the inclusion of heterogeneity and
> modularity allows for several benefits from ease of use to taking advantage
> of the perks of diversity.*
> *In this project, we enable the use of heterogeneous types of FPGA boards
> to work on two FPGA platforms. We added VxLAN capabilities to the existing
> intrusion detection and protection system (IDS/IPS), called Pigasus so it
> can be deployed as a VNF. Using the core I/O functions included in Pigasus,
> such as the networking and memory interfaces, and the additional
> interfacing required allowed us to place the Intel FPGA in our Galapagos
> multi-FPGA platform. Galapagos is currently all Xilinx-based, but in
> principle, we would like to be able to support Intel as well.*
> *Pigasus Repository and News*http://www.pigasus-ids.org
> *Upcoming Meetings*May 5, 2022: Moein Khazraee, MIT -- Shire Project
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