[Pigasus] 9/1 at 1:30PM: Pigasus Developer's Meeting

Justine Sherry sherry at cs.cmu.edu
Thu Aug 25 08:43:23 EDT 2022

Dear All,

This is a reminder that we have a meeting of the Pigasus Developer's Group
next Thursday at 1:30 PM (September 1).

Our speaker is Gerry Wan from Stanford who will be speaking to us about
Retina: Analyzing 100 GbE Traffic on Commodity Hardware.

A zoom link for the meeting is here:

You can add the meeting to your Google calendar via this link:

Our schedule for the rest of the year is below; let us know if you would
like to present during this year's lineup!

Sept 1: Gerry Wan, Stanford -- Retina
October 6: Jian Chen, Alibaba -- Fidas
November 3: Margarida Ferreira, CMU -- JetStream
December 1: Juan Camilo Vega, Toronto -- FFShark
[Jan 5 -- Skip]
Feb 2 -- Available
March 2 -- Available
April 6 -- Available
May 4 -- Available

A link to videos from past talks and our archive is here:

See you next week,
Justine and Sara
Justine Sherry (she/her)
Assistant Professor
office hours
 | web <http://www.justinesherry.com>
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