[Pigasus] 12/1 at 1:30PM - Pigasus Developer's Meeting

Justine Sherry sherry at cs.cmu.edu
Wed Nov 23 17:34:52 EST 2022

Here's the talk abstract below!

Wireshark-based debugging can be performed on ordinary desktop computers at
1G speeds, but only powerful computers can keep up with 10G. At 100G, this
debugging becomes virtually impossible to perform on a single machine.This
work presents FFShark, a Fast FPGA implementation of Wireshark. The result
is a compact, relatively inexpensive passthrough device that can be
inserted into any running 100G network. Packets will travel through FFShark
with no interruption and minimal additional latency. A developer can send
standard Wireshark filter programs to the FFShark device at any time;
packets that satisfy the filter will be copied and sent back to the
developer’s workstation over a separate connection.We show that our open
source passthrough device has lower latency than commercial 100G switches,
and that our design is already capable of handling 400G speeds.

Justine Sherry (she/her)
Assistant Professor
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 | web <http://www.justinesherry.com>

On Wed, Nov 23, 2022 at 12:47 PM Sara Golembiewski <sgolembi at andrew.cmu.edu>

> Dear All,
> This is a reminder that we have a meeting of the Pigasus Developer's
> Group next Thursday at 1:30 PM (December 1).
> Our speaker is Juan Camilo Vega, from the University of Toronto talking to
> us about  FFShark.
> A zoom link for the meeting is here:
> https://cmu.zoom.us/j/92429471349?pwd=UWZIenBhaUFLcHdrOFNJWWlneWRYQT09
> <https://www.google.com/url?q=https://cmu.zoom.us/j/92429471349?pwd%3DUWZIenBhaUFLcHdrOFNJWWlneWRYQT09&sa=D&source=calendar&ust=1669668137319989&usg=AOvVaw1p1ZOf7aCO-iJ748jtQMVw>
> You can add the meeting to your Google calendar via this link:
> https://calendar.google.com/calendar/event?action=TEMPLATE&tmeid=MnZtc2Nvc2R1aGRrdTN2ZGxzMW4wOWVuNmdfMjAyMjEyMDFUMTgzMDAwWiBqdXN0aW5lc0BhbmRyZXcuY211LmVkdQ&tmsrc=justines%40andrew.cmu.edu
> <https://calendar.google.com/event?action=TEMPLATE&tmeid=MnZtc2Nvc2R1aGRrdTN2ZGxzMW4wOWVuNmdfMjAyMjA5MDFUMTczMDAwWiBqdXN0aW5lc0BhbmRyZXcuY211LmVkdQ&tmsrc=justines%40andrew.cmu.edu&scp=ALL>
> Our schedule for the rest of the year is below; let us know if you would
> like to present during this year's lineup!
> Sept 1: Gerry Wan, Stanford -- Retina
> October 6: Jian Chen, Alibaba -- Fidas
> November 3: Margarida Ferreira, CMU -- JetStream
> December 1: Juan Camilo Vega, Toronto -- FFShark
> [Jan 5 -- Skip]
> Feb 2 -- Available
> March 2 -- Available
> April 6 -- Available
> May 4 -- Available
> A link to videos from past talks and our archive is here:
> https://github.com/crossroadsfpga/pigasus/wiki/Pigasus-Developers-Meeting
> See you next week,
> Justine and Sara
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