[Pigasus] Reminder -- Pigasus Dev. Meeting next Thursday!

Sara Golembiewski sgolembi at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Mar 31 15:42:19 EDT 2023

Dear All,

This is a reminder that we have a meeting of the Pigasus Developer's Group
next Thursday at 1:30 PM, April 6th, 2023.

Our speaker is Justine Sherry from CMU who will be speaking to us about
Re-envisioning generic server architectures for I/O-driven compute [EuroP4
Keynote Encore].

A zoom link for the meeting is here:

You can add the meeting to your Google calendar via this link:

Our schedule for the rest of the year is below; let us know if you would
like to present during this year's lineup!

   - Sept 1: Gerry Wan, Stanford -- Retina
   - October 6: Jian Chen, Alibaba -- Fidas
   - November 3: Margarida Ferreira, CMU -- JetStream
   - December 1: Juan Camilo Vega, Toronto -- FFShark
   - April 6: -- Justine Sherry, CMU -- Re-envisioning generic server
   architectures for I/O-driven compute [EuroP4 Keynote Encore]
   - May 4:  Nirav Atre, CMU – BBQ

Abstract: Many network-intensive applications are deployed not on
network-optimized hardware (such as PISA switches), but instead on
general-purpose servers.

In this talk, I explore new shifts in both hardware and software that are
pushing general-purpose servers towards a more networked-driven

As example applications, I will discuss a few systems in development at
Carnegie Mellon including the Pigasus IDS and the KOPI operating system.

Biography: Justine Sherry is an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon
University. Her interests are in software and hardware networked systems;
her work includes middleboxes, FPGA packet processing, measurement, cloud
computing, and congestion control. Dr. Sherry received her PhD (2016) and
MS (2012) from UC Berkeley, and her BS and BA (2010) from the University of
Washington. Her research has been awarded the VMware Systems Research
Award, the Applied Networking Research Prize, a Google Faculty Research
Award, the SIGCOMM doctoral dissertation award, the David J. Sakrison
prize, and paper awards at USENIX NSDI and ACM SIGCOMM. She is a member of
the DARPA ISAT Study Group and the SIGCOMM CARES Committee. Finally, she is
always on the lookout for a great cappuccino.

A link to videos from past talks and our archive is here:

See you next week,

Justine and Sara


Justine Sherry (she/her)

Assistant Professor


office hours
 | web <http://www.justinesherry.com>

Sara Golembiewski (*pronouns: she/her/hers)*  | Administrative Assistant
Computer Science Department   |   Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue, GHC 9229, Pittsburgh, PA 15213| 412.268.3041
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